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November 13 - 19, 2016

Geography Sites | Biomes | Water | LandMaps and Mapping | Fun and Games


All Kinds of Geography Activities from Brad Bowerman - over 40 categories - Geography World

Antarctica Lesson Plans from Global Classroom
  Antarctica links for kids -

Canada for Kids -

Cartography Links from Cynthia Lanius at Rice

Census Bureau - population information, educational materials, and maps
    Maps/Data -

CIA World Factbook

     CIA Geography for Kids

Country info from ProTeacher - lesson plans and sites for teachers

Country Studies from the Library of Congress

USGS Education for kids -
    Cut and Paste Paper Models of landslides, eathquakes, volcanoes, and more from USGS

Country Reports with info about countries

Explore the 50 States

World Geography facts -

FactMonster from Learning Network - highest, lowest etc.

The Five Themes of Geography - what are they and what do they mean?

      Powerpoint Presentations -

Gateway to Astronaut Photography


Geographic Superlatives - the highest, longest, tallest geographic records  

Geography 4Kids -

Geography FAQ -

Geography Exchange Resource Centre - earthquakes, plate tectonics, volcanoes, glaciers

Geography sites from about.geography -

National Council for Geographic Education - and Standards    

National Geographic -
   Education -
   National Geographic for Kids
   Animals and Nature from National Geographic - Fun Facts and pictures

Social Studies for Kids - Geography - image gallery

United Nations CyberSchool Bus -

World Monuments Map -
     MegaMaps - 
     Other maps -
     Asia Interactive Map -
     Owl and Mouse games and activities -


Biomes of the World - rainforest, tundra, taiga, desert, temperate, grasslands
World Biomes text from University of Puget Sound - rationale and characteristics

Biomes of the World - pictures and information about biomes from Linda Freeman

From Katahdin to the Sea - streams, ponds, aquifers etc. Gulf of Maine

Earth's Water from USGS

Surfing the Net with Kids - Geography Games including Geo-Globe, GeoBee Challenge, 
Geography Place and more


Islands Information - superlatives and other lists from Joshua Calder
More Islands of the World information from
Lost Islands of the World


Questions about Oceans -
Coral Reefs -
Beaches, Estuaries, and Mud Flats -
Oceans Alive from the Boston Museum of Science
Kids Do Ecology -
Oceanography from the Office of Naval Research
Planet Ocean from DiscoverySchool
Oceans and Undersea Life activities for K-5
Wonders of the Seas - Marine Life

Oceanography sites for Kids from Mrs. Mitchell's web site

Lakes, Ponds, and Seas:

Ponds and Lakes -
Exploring a Pond as an Ecosystem -
Pond Life activities -
Life in a Drop of Pond Water -
Discover a Pond Food Web -
Fundamentals of Pond Ecology -

Lake and Pond Study -
Lakes Lessons -
Oxbow Lakes -
TEACH - teach about the Great Lakes -
Under the Deep Blue Sea -

Tracking Sea Turtles -


Geography Action! Rivers 2001
Rivers from Missouri Botanical Garden
American Rivers -
WaterWatch - current water resources conditions in the US
Water Resources of NH and Vermont
Rivers of the World from Great Britain
Rivers of the World - statistics

Rivers of the World from FactMonster

Streams from Gulf of Maine Aquarium
Rivers and Coasts from the BBC - easy to read

Wetlands -
     Wetlands sites, activities, and resources
     Wetlands from National Wildlife Federation
     Wetlands for Kids and Teachers -

BioBlitz - Wetlands -


Learning About Mountains -
Mountains of the World - Pictures and more
    Mountain Trivia from Nigel Spencer
Mountains: A Global Resource - lesson plans from NCSS
Dramatize mountain formation -


 Glaciers and Icefields -
 All About Glaciers - something for everyone from glaciologist to grade school kids
 Glaciers from University of Vermont
 42 eXplore -
 Glaciers page for Kids and Teachers - Mrs. Mitchell's web page

Landform Maps of each state -
New Hampshire county map -
Satellite image of NH -
National Map Viewer - this is cool!

Altapedia- info about countries of world - Countries A-Z

Assorted map collections around the US

Earthshots - Landsat images from around the world from USGS
Maps and other geographic resources from USGS

More geography lesson plans and websites from USGS
Schoolyard Geology -
Teacher Resources -
Geographic Names from USGS - download US latitudes and longitudes

Learning about the Compass - a tutorial

Map It - How Far Is It? - type in two places and find the distance

Map It from USGS

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map!

Mapquest - find a route to grandmother's house or a vacation spot
      Google Maps - RandMcNally - National Geographic -

Map Quiz  questions about capitals, countries, and flags - very addictive

Maps from the University of Texas at Austin

Maps of the US states -

Maps of World Places

Mathematics of Cartography

Online Map Creation -

Terraserver Famous Places -

Topozone maps

What Do Maps Show? grades 5-8


Geography Action! from National Geographic
2016 - Explore the Power of Parks
2015 - Explore! The Power of Maps
2014 - The Future of Food

2013 - Geography and the New Age of Exploration -

2012 - Declare Your Interdependence -
2011 - The Adventure in YOUR Community -

2010 - Freshwater
2009 - Mapping Europe -
         Teachers' Guide -
2008 - North America -
2007 - Asia -    
2006 - Africa in 3-D -
2005 - Migration -
2004 - Cultures -
2003 - Habitats -
- Public Lands -
- Rivers -
- Conservation -
Oceans -

Daily Almanac - This Day in History from 5 sources, Analogy of the Day, y,
                  Picture of the Day, Word of the Day, Old Farmer's Almanac, and more

Backyard River System -

River Cutters - This is a series of lessons that I have used for a number
                 of years. It is part of Lawrence Hall of Science's GEMS materials,
                 and it is excellent as well as a lot of fun.

Earth and Moon Viewer - see where the sun is shining right now

Find Moon Phases - now and in the past or the future

Find Solar Noon

Solar Noon Calculator

Sun and Moon Data from the US Navy - includes solar noon

Flight Tracker - select a plane flight and follow its progress -

Geo-Bee Challenge -

Helping Your Child Learn Geography

Scavenger Hunts and lessons from ProTeacher

Geography Games

USA Quiz - online quiz about US states
     Other Online Geography Quizzes -

United States Jigsaw Puzzle - shapes and states

Web Games to play about states, zip codes, capitals

Make Your Own Map -

      ** Geography Activity Sheet adopted from Richard Lederer column


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