GLACIERS, Antarctica, and Ernest Shackleton

What are Glaciers?

    Glacier Information from National Snow and Ice Data Center
Glacier Information from Rice University

    Glaciers described by the USGS
    Glacier info - National Park Service

       Still more glacier information - from University of Vermont
    The Glacier Story -

Antarctica Facts:

       National Geographic -
       Antarctica for Kids -

       Experience Antarctica from Australian Antarctic Division

       Terraquest Virtual Tour -

       Antarctica Online from Australia

          Photos -

Tour of Antarctica from University of Chicago

       Glacier videos -
       Antarctica: Scientific Journeys from McMurdo to the South Pole
        from The Exploratorium

      NOVA pages -  Warnings From the Ice

      Virtual Tours of Antarctica -

Maps of Antarctica:
Landsat Map of Antarctica -
     World Atlas -
     ABC Science -

     Political Maps

     National Geographic blank map and physical map and detailed and interactive

     Satellite Image -
     Various maps -

     Photo Gallery for Antarctica

      CIA Factbook map and text

     Stamps and the Antarctic

       Ernest Shackleton plus map
        Celebrating the centenery of Sir Ernest Shacleton's amazing journey


Antarctic Connection - Why Scientists Love the Antarctic

        Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic
           Robin Ellwood from Rye, NH -
                                    2008 -
        Kevin Lavigne from Hanover, NH -

        The Armada Project -

        Science and Antarctica -

        Webcams in Antarctica -

Lesson Plans for Teachers:

        Classroom Antarctica - 8 units and lots of activities

        Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears -

        Teach-nology Antarctica Lesson Plans

        Antarctic Lesson Plans -

        Lesson Plans from PBS to accompany Shackleton

        Pro Teacher Antarctica Lesson Plans -

        Antarctica from Discovery School

        National Geographic's Lesson Plan:
           Penguins - Built to Swim -

        Miami University Lesson Plans for Antarctica

       Antarctica Thinkquest


              Mr. Donn's Lesson Plans

              Education World Activities -

              Make Model Glaciers -

 Glacier Word Game (online)
        Glacier Jig Saw (online)
        Glacier Crossword Puzzle (online)

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