Thanksgiving on the Internet

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 Activities for Kids of All Ages


1. About Thanksgiving

2. Scholastic Scavenger Hunt -
   Education World Scavenger Hunt -
   Wacona Elementary
A Mayflower and Pilgrim Cyberhunt
   Turkey Hunt
   Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

   Another Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt -

3. Thank You Cards -   
   Cards and Activities -   

       4. Thanksgiving Poetry and Songs and Activities from Disney

       5. Famous Thanksgiving Poems and Songs

       6. Thanksgiving Online Coloring Book
          SurfNet Kids coloring pages -
More Thanksgiving Coloring pages

       7. Thanksgiving Jokes
          More jokes and riddles
          Holiday jokes

       8. How To Say Thank You in 465 Languages

       9. Thanksgiving Word Search to play online or to print
          More word searches -

      10. Turkey Facts -


      11. Thanksgiving Mazes -

      12. Thanksgiving Drag 'N drop Puzzles - very Victorian

      13. Ben and Jerry's paper projects
          New England Village , Barn , plus Victorian house

      14. Thanksgiving Word Puzzles -

      15. Easy Crossword Puzzle online

      16. Thanksgiving Activities 
             Activities from Norbest

      17. Thanksgiving Crafts from Enchanted Learning

      18. The Wampanoag and the Pilgrims - links and activities

      19. Send a Thanksgiving e-card to a relative or friend

      20. History of the Mayflower

      21. Thanksgiving for Kids and Teachers
          Billy Bear 4 Kids -
          Thanksgiving printables

                    Decorations and Crafts -

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