and Snowflakes  
for Kids

   Guide to Snowflakes -
              All About Snow -
              Learn About Snow -
              Learn About Ice -
              Snow -
              Winter Weather, Snow, and Ice -
              Science of Snow -
Wikipedia -

Snowflake Chemistry -
              Snow -

                         All about Snow from Surfing the Net with Kids - includes games and activities

               About snow

               Winter and Snow in Children's Literature -

Winter books and activities for young children from AtoZ Teacher Stuff

               Winter/Snow books for young children

                       NOBLE (North of Boston Library Exchange) Children's Library

               Snow and winter books for younger students

                 Older Kids
               Teens and Adults -

     Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Martin Briggs

                       Bibliography of snow, winter, and science

                            Snowflake Bentley from Carol Hurst

               Snowflake Bentley review, other books, activities

               Information about Wilson A. Bentley

               Winter books for young children -


           Preserving Snowflakes - 


               Growing Snow Crystals -

               Snow and Winter Activities -

               Design a snowflake on the computer 

                 Making Paper Snowflakes

               Snowflakes Activities -

                      Snowflake Patterns for Kids -
                                   (scroll down)
              Winter/Snow Activities and Crafts - build an igloo; make paper snowflakes

              Snow lessons and activities -

                Winter in Alaska with the Iditarod


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