Reptiles  and Amphibians

Cottonmouth snake

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Alligators, snakes, turtles, lizards, amphibians



Introduction to reptiles from Friends of the National Zoo -

San Diego Zoo -

Electronic Zoo hotlist -

Ducksters -

Reptiles printouts from Enchanted Learning -

San Diego Natural History Museum reptiles FAQs -
     Field Guide -

Saint Louis Zoo Comparing Amphibians and Reptiles


Massachusetts snakes from UMass Extension

Snakes of North America - pictures -

Turtles and Tortoises from PBS - 

Reptile Channel -

Alligators -

            More alligators -

Caiman -




Desert Iguana -

Galapagos Tortoise
     webcam -

     Leopard gecko -    
     Lined Leaf gecko -
 Mossy Leaf gecko -

     Tokay gecko -

Gharials -


Gila Monster -

Komodo Dragon -

Lizards -

Horned Lizards -

Sea Turtles -
Sea Turtle Migration Tracking -
     Marine Turtles -

Tortoises -

Desert Tortoise -

Aldabra Tortoise -


Turtles - Sea -

Marine -

   Gulf of Maine Aquarium -

   Eastern Box Turtle -
   Alligator Snapping Turtle -


       Anaconda -

       Black Mamba -

   Black Racer -

   Boa Constrictor -

   Copperhead - (p. 14)


   Cottonmouth -

   Coral Snake -

   Eastern Hognose -

           Garter Snake -

       Green Mamba -

       King Cobra -

   Milk Snake -


   Python -

   Rattlesnake -

   Timber Rattlesnake -

   Ringneck Snake -


Checklist and Identification Key for Amphibians

Amphibians from Friends of National Zoo

Freaky Frogs from National Geographic

Amphibians at Fort Worth Zoo

Frog Dissection
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit

Froggy Page with pictures and sounds

Frogs from the Exploratorium

Frog Life Cycle

Bullfrogs -


Leopard Frog -

Newts -

Salamanders -

Spring peeper -

Toads - True toads -

Amphibians printout from Enchanted Learning

Reptiles word search game

"Reviled and Revered" from the Smithsonian Toads, Turtles, Snakes, Salamanders, 
    and Other Creepers and Crawlers  (grades 3-8)

Snakes Alive! Webquest -

Learn About Snakes -

Snakes -

Snakes Printouts -

Snakes Lesson Plan -

Interactive Frog Dissection

Lesson Plans -
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