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Classification of Living Things - includes related links pages

Cells Alive -

Cells and Organelles lesson - color drawings of cell parts and purposes -

Cell Biology -

**Classify That!- interactive, online activity

Virtual Cell - explore a cell with an electron micrograph -

Virtual Tour of plant and animal cells

Difference between plant and animal cells -

The Virtual Cell Tour -

Virtual Cell Animation Collection -

 How Cells Work-

Mrs. Mitchell's page of cells links for kids

Studying the Cell -!/cell.htm
    Taxonomy -!/taxonmy.htm
    Biology Topics -!/biotopcs.html

Virtual Pond Dip - protozoa -

A to Z of Classification -
  Info and questions from Forest of Leeds

Animal Classification from Kidport

The Six Kingdoms -

Classification Activities -

University of California Museum of Paleontology - the three domains

Tree of Life Web Project -

Animal Characteristics Game -

Online classification tutorial from Discovery School - The Secret of the Bones -

MicrobeWorld -

Microbe Zoo

Viruses - from England with lots of pictures

Fun With Lichens -

Bacteria News -

Mold Experiments - from the Exploratorium
Fun Fungi -
Amphibians- from the Electronic Zoo
Invertebrates- from the Electronic Zoo
Reptiles- from the Electronic Zoo
Toads, Salamanders, and Snakes from the Smithsonian - Reviled and Revered

Plants and Animals and Pollination from the Smithsonian

Plant Classification and Taxonomy web sites
Plant and Animal Classification

Food Chains

Webs -
Chains -
Food Chains -
Food Chains and Webs -
Food Chain activity -

Biomes of the World and their plants and animals -
The World's Biomes -

Biomes of the World -

Kids Do Ecology Biomes -

World Biomes -

Major Biomes from Factmonster -

Biomes of the World -

World Geography Biomes - Linda Freeman at College of the Siskiyous and Mount Shasta

Biomes Webquest from Nashville -


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