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Various Marine Creatures


Marine Mammals


Aquariums Online

General Sites:

About Oceans -


Oceans Field Trip with trivia questions and more

Oceanography from Mrs. Seagraves' Web Page - oceanography, fish, mollusks etc.

Ocean pages for kids  - waves, currents, El Nino, ice bergs, and satellites

Learn about the Ocean from the Missouri Botanical Garden

Franklin Institute - Douglas School kids created an ocean webpage

                     Lesson Plans for Teachers from the Franklin Institute
          More Web Resources from the Franklin Institute

Oceans from NASA -
       Athena -
       Data -
       Lesson plans -

       Ocean Color From Space -

       El Nino lessons -
       Tracking Drifter Buoys -

Oceans Alive from Australia

Oceans - Worlds of Water from Scholastic

Ocean Unit Lessons -
           Powerpoints -

Planet Ocean from Discovery School

Project Wild Aquatic Education

           Activity Guide -

Woods Hole Oceanographic

Year of the Ocean



Shorelines, Temperate Oceans, and Tropical Oceans -
Rocky Shores -
Tide Pools -
Barrier Islands -
Estuaries -

Tide Pools -
Tide Pool page from Maine -
Contrasts in Blue:Coral Reef/Maine Coast

Life in a Massachusetts Tidal Pool
San Diego Tidepool study - My Tidepool, My Home

Ocean Environment - Explore the California coast

The Magic School Bus - Ocean Adventures - Tidal Pools Etc. - scroll down
   Ocean Floor -

Life on the Rocky Shore from ThinkQuest includes tidepool data

Secrets of the Tide Pool from ThinkQuest


Secret World of Sharks and Rays from PBS

                        Sharks from Enchanted Learning

    The World of Sharks from PBS

    Shocking Sharks from San Diego

    Sharks and their Relatives

    Shark Safari from National Geographic

    Sharks from Kidzone -
    Shark Friends -

    Sharks from SeaWorld -

    Australian Sharks -

    Monterey Bay Aquarium Shark Information -
    Saving Sharks -

     Shark Cam -
        Dallas -
        London -


Whales of the World - from Australia

Whales -

Whales and Their Habitat Around Man Thinkquest -

*Types of Whales Activities - International Wildlife Coalition
     Student pages
    Teacher pages
Whale "Hunt" Activity online search and discovery
*Whalenet -

      Marine Mammals


             Sea Otters -

Dolphins -

      Marine Creatures

Turtles -

Tunicates -


Arthropods -  Crustaceans -


             Crab  -
             Shrimp -

                Lobster - Overview and Activities
Lobster Kids Page -
Lobster anatomy -
Quiz -
   NGS -

                Barnacles -

               Copepods -  (special thanks to Isabelle for introducing this topic) 

Mollusks -
     Nudibranches and Crinoids - DiveGallery -
     Nudibranches -

     Clams -
           Clam dissection -

     Mussels -
     Cuttlefish -
     Scallops -
     Cowries -

     Octopus -
     Squid -
  Nautilus -
     Conch -

Echinoderms -
Wonders of the Seas - echinoderms and mollusks from the Oceanic research group

Coral and Anemone -
Jellyfish -from Oregon Coast Aquarium -
Mon of War -

Sea Worms -

Porifera - Sponges -

Oceanography questions and answers from Oceanlink

Tide Chart Index NH
Tide Tables from NOAA - Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
Tide Tables for New Hampshire
Tide Tables for Maine and NH

             Odiorne Point State Park web page

             Seacoast Science Center -

Ocean lessons from MCPS Connect for Grade 5

Wet Web - a Thinkquest Junior project               

NOAA's Resource Guide for Teachers of Marine Science  
      Grades K-12 - includes books, AV materials, Teacher Resources, and Web sites

Marine Life web page from Westport, CT

Teachers' Resources for Oceans Field Trip

Magic School Bus CyberGuide from California

Thinkquest Projects about the ocean -

Octopus Report -

The Amazing Octopus -

Lobster Activities -

Aquarium Websites for Teachers and Kids:

                   Miami Seaquarium - sea turtles, manatees, pinnipeds, and dolphins -  

                   Monterey Bay Aquarium -                 

                   Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut -
Mystic Seaport -

                   National Aquarium in Baltimore - animal species -  

                   New England Aquarium in Boston - Science and Learning -  

                   Oregon Coast Aquarium -

                   Shedd Aquarium in Chicago - click on Animals -

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