Native Americans
Native Americans 
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Native American Information for Kids (be sure to scroll down the page) - great site
     Also check for vocabulary word sets by tribe
        for legends and folktales by tribe

Lisa Mitten's site -

First Nations Seeker - Directory of North American Indian Portal Websites
    Lists First Nation and Native American communities with many links

North American Tribes -
New World Cultures (Meso-America and South America)   

National Museum of the American Indian -  

Native American Cultures -

Canada's First Peoples

Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage -

Native Nations Online  -

Native Americans -
Awesome Library.Org Native American Information

California Indian Tribes - lots of text

California Native Cultures and regions of the state

Creation Stories and Literature -

Desert Southwest People -
First Nations Histories -

History and Information about Native American Tribes - Kid Info - rich resource

Index of the North American Indian by E. Curtis - includes photos/gravure images

Indigenous Peoples creation stories -

Longhouses -
   Royal Ontario Museum -

    Research about longhouses -
    New York State Museum -
Native Web - Resources for Indiginous Cultures Around the World
   K-12 schools -
American Indian Reference Sites  lots of links from Phil Konstantin -
Be sure to scroll down the page.

Native American Culture - Great Dreams is a huge site - tribes, houses

Native American shelters - by region
Native American links -  astronomy; "bad" books, recipes, herbal info, games
Native American Resources on the Internet   
Native Tech site includes maps, books, astronomy, herbs, and games

Native American myths from PIB

Native American myths from Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Surrounded By Beauty -

The North American Indian Indians Northwest tribes from Canadian site

ProTeacher - Native Americans sites by region

Raven stories and NW Native American links

Smithsonian page - Teaching from Objects and Stories - Bering Sea people

Southwest Native Americans

Totem Poles

Traditional Stories, Legends, and Myth

Individual Tribes


Algonquian or Algonkin -


Ancestral Puebloans -

 plus worksheet    

Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas -,Aztecs,Incas.html
        Foods -
        South American
Hopewell Mound Builders and Adena sites


Cherokee Nation - culture - arts - weapons - cooking - stories - FAQ - games and more


Chickasaw -
Chinook -


Choctaw - Go to History - Check Culture

Chumash -

Comanche -
Creek (Muskogee) -

Crow Tribe - Apsáalooke -

Gabrielino (Tongva) of Los Angeles
Gabrielino Food -
      Tremor Tales-Turtle Story -
      Tongva -

Haida -


      Haida Myths -  
      Haida Art -

Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)
Iroquois Confederacy stories -
Iroquois Facts for Kids -
     The Iroquois from Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Another Hopi  site from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Inuit -
    Objects -
Inuit Life -

Labrador Inuit -



(see Haudenosaunee)

Kwakiutl -


   Art -
  Canoes -

Lakota -   

The Lenape -



Maidu -

         Legends -

Micmacs - Mi'kmaq

Mohegan -

Munsee -

Narragansett -
Navajo Nation -


Nez Perce


Nootka -


Ojibwe, (Anishinabe, Chippewa
) -
Oneida Indian Nation -
Culture and History


Pennacook -
Franklin NH work on the Penacook

Pequot -

    Pequot Museum - check out Native Lifeways and Society & Culture

Pomo -

Potawatomi -


Pueblo Indians -

Seminole -
             literature -

Seneca Nation of Indians -

Serrano -


Shoshone -

Sioux -




          Tlingit pictures - national Museum of the American Indian
       More -
       People of the First Light -

Wappo Indians of Napa -

Yuma - also Quechan

Yurok of California - lots of text -     


Other Information 
Suggested Books about Native Americans -

Native American Art projects and Lesson Plans -

Flags of Native Peoples
List of Native American tribes and what their names mean (scroll down the page)        

Online word search of tribal names

Indian Dwellings Mix and match online game

Native American Research Project -

Activities to Celebrate Native Americans -

Potlatch information -

Ancient Cultures Webquest -
Do You Know Your tribes? Webquest -

Webquest -

**Webquest that compares the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, the Plains, and the Eastern Woodland Indians tribes from Sharon Regner at Loma Prieta
 Student -  
    Teacher -

Teaching Materials from the National Museum of the American Indian -

Debra Morningstar Lesson Plans -

Mohawk Iroquois Village with building plans -

Dos and Don'ts for Teaching about Native Americans -
More dos and don'ts -
FAQ kids have -
Suggestions for Teachers

More ideas for teachers to use in planning lessons
Additional suggestions for teachers -


Pictographs and Petroglyph designs -
Interpreting Rock Art -
Pictographs -

Teaching about Thanksgiving -

Mr. Donn's Native American Lesson Plans -

The Truth about Pocahantas -

Various educational activities from the Hudson Museum at the University of Maine

Native American Lessons -

What Story Does the Buffalo Hide Tell?

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