Three states of matter illustrated with purple dots           

Properties of Matter

States of Matter

Chem4Kids - Matter

Math Mol

Atoms, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures - Grade 5

Matter and Its Changes for Grade 5 from Saskatchewan, Canada - includes activities and worksheets

Matter and Its Changes

Matter Experiments

Matter from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory - SCIMATH

Matter - Honey I Shrunk the Third Grade from College Station, Texas

Periodic Table Bingo    

Playing With Polymers

Properties of Matter 

Matter Lesson Plan from Washington and Lee

Science Netlinks : A Matter of State - Lesson Plans
    Matter of State

    Melt and Freeze
    Sink or Float?
    Hot and Cold Colors

SMILE Program Physics-Matter and Chemistry
Ice Cream in A Bag

Structure of Matter -

                       Matter and Heat - 

                       Water Magic -

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