Magnets and Magnetism


       Utah State Office of Education -
    Magnets intro - Push/Pull -
              Magnets Attract/Repel -
              Electromagnets -
              Magnets and Motors -
              Magnetic Fields -
              Magnetic Strength -
              Don't Get Wet -
              Paper Clip Walk -

              Magnets in a Bag -
Magnet Man explains magnetism -

Magnets Info -


Magnets and Electromagnets from Jefferson Lab

Magnets and Magnetism explained

How to Make an Electromagnet from How Stuff Works

Static Electricity -

Magnets - Polarity - -

Magnetic Lines of Force -

Magnetic Pendulums -

Magnetic Suction or How Your Doorbell Works

Motor Effect or How A Magnet Exerts A Force

Simple Electric Motor from the Exploratorium

Circles of Magnetism from the Exploratorium -

       Circles of Magnetism I - magnetic field -
       Magnetic Atmosphere Model -
       Paper Circuits -
       Parallel Paper Circuit -
       Parallel Circuit activities -

       FOSS Magnetism and Electricity -
Magnets Lessons

Science NetLinks:
  Pick-ups -
  Magnet Strength -
  Magnetic Fields -
  Magnetic Fields (1) -
  Magnetic Fields (2) -


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