~ May is National Inventors Month ~

For Kids:

Information for Kids from the US -

Kids Konnect -

The Science Spot -

Invention Puzzles -

Invention Ideas -

Famous Inventors

Inventions By Kids -

Inventors and Inventions from Enchanted Learning

About inventing
History of Inventions

Thomas Edison's Inventions

Inventors from CyberSleuth Kids

Inventors and Inventions -

The Invention Convention in the Classroom

The Inventor's Handbook from MIT explains the laws and rules

    Links from MIT for Inventors and Teachers:
     Inventor Lesson Plans
     Inventor Archive
     Inventor Videos

Research Tools from NASA's Why Files to help with your invention process

Inventor's Workshop (Leonardo da Vinci) Museum of Science
Inventing Is Kid's Stuff - a how-to guide

Inventions Lesson Plans -


The History of Invention (the wheel, toothpaste, plywood...) scroll down each page

Inventions Web Pages from the Smithsonian

Smith College - Ancient Inventions

Forgotten Inventors -

Thomas Edison's Inventions

Inventions -

Exploring Leonardo




Rube Goldberg

   Gallery of inventions -
   More on Rube Goldberg -

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