Skeletal System:

Skeletal System Webquest from Mrs. Barnard

***Skeletal System worksheet
adapted from Davidson County, Tennessee

Bone Biology for Kids -

Interactive Body from Great Britain - skeleton, muscles, organs, nervous, puberty

ONLINE Quiz about Skeletal System  scroll to bottom of page

Electronic Textbook on the Human Skeleton

Bones and the Human Skeleton -

Kids Health - About Bones -

*Bones Game* from LHS Berkeley FOSS needs Shockwave and is HARD
BBC skeleton game -

Human Skeleton online quiz (but it never ends) and Arm Bones

Humans As Organisms - Skeleton

The Human Skeletal System from Cedric Shock - includes pictures

Skeletal System

Real pictures of the human skeleton -

Human Skeleton from Enchanted Learning

Skeletal System from WebSchool Solutions

***Skeleton Drawings/Labels from 1997 Kimball Kids

***Skeleton Word Games - play on words using bone words

Skeleton Information and Activities

Learn About Bones

The e-Skeletons Project - view bones online, compare with baboon and gorilla


Macaroni Skeleton Activities

       Make a Q-Tip Skeleton

Skeletal System Instructional Activities

Bones and Joints -

Bones, Bones, and More Bones Lesson

Skeleton Puzzle and more -

Skeleton Shakedown from Harcourt -

Virtual Astronaut Skeleton - go to text only; scroll to skeleton puzzle activity

       Skeleton Diagrams for classroom instruction:



     interactive game
     online diagram


Muscular System Webquest from Mrs. Barnard

Muscles Overview from Yucky Kids

Muscular and Skeletal Systems

Humans As Organisms - Muscles and Joints
  Muscles game -

Muscles -

Body Muscles

The Anatomy of the Knee

The Anatomy of the Knee

Build an arm model

Muscles and Bones from the National Space Biomedical Research Institute

Build an arm model with muscles

Muscles and movement -

               Body Systems:

Science NetLinks -

Body Quest - Thinkquest - Body Systems explained

The Virtual Body - Put together the skeleton, heart, bones, digestive tract and brain

Body Systems Web Lesson from Bellingham, WA
Web Lessons for body systems - work in cooperative groups


Body Systems from Kids at Greenway Elementary
Body Systems brochures activity

Kids Health - The Body

   How the Body Works - from Kids Health
   Muscles, ears, eyes, respiratory, digestive systems

Human Body activity WebQuest from San Diego
Nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory plus quiz

Human Body Web Sites from Greentown Elementary

Indianapolis Marion County Public Library books for each system
Bone Zone
     Muscular System
     Nervous System
     Respiratory System
     Circulatory System
     Digestive System
     Excretory System

The Magic School Bus Explores the Human Body - Teacher Activity Guide

Modeling the Nervous System - really neat brain, neuron, vertebrae models

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - includes Your Gross and Cool Body, Roach World, and Worm World - find out about gas, dandruff, sweat, and zits

InnerBody Anatomy Images, Descriptions of body systems

               Nervous System:
Neuroscience for Kids - tons of brain activities - worksheets and puzzles
Puzzles can be printed
The Brain and the Senses from Univ. of Washington
Explore the Brain and Spinal Cord

The Brain from PBS

Brains Rule

Nervous System Overview from Yucky Kids

The Senses Webpage "Come To Your Senses" and links to other sites

Seeing, Hearing, Smelling the World

Parts of the Eye - drawings and labels

How We See from Access Excellence

Thinkquest Unraveling the Mysteries of the Eye
Includes anatomy, function, diseases, and links

Cow Eye Dissection from the Exploratorium
Virtual Dissection plus good vocabulary list
Virtual Dissection plus good vocabulary list

Safe Eyes Quiz

The Human Eye and Glasses by Beakman and Jax

The Ear from Washington

How Stuff Works - The Ear

Kids Health - The Nose

Which is more sensitive - your arm or your finger tip?

               The Heart

Human Heart

NOVA Map of the Human Heart

Franklin Institute Science Heart Web Page

The Human Heart -

SMILE Program Biology Index - 200 single concept lessons -
Human Body Online Tour -

Human Body Lesson Plans -

Human Body Teaching Theme (scroll down) -

Human Body activities online -

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