Economics for Kids
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Economics for Kids -


Social Studies for Kids - basic economics, supply and demand, interdependence,
   the stock market, and more

EconEdLink - lesson plans, standards, and publications

United States Mint for Kids
    Games -
    Learn -
    Educators -

The Mint from Northwestern Mutual designed to teach kids about money

Comic Books about Economics -

National Council on Economic Education -

Economic education and the American Currency exhibit -

Economics lesson plans for Pre K to K - Kiddynomics

Economics Lesson Plans -
Economics Books for young children -
Economics Books for Kids 5-10 -

Economics Books for Kids and Teens -

 Ed.Helper Economics Lesson Plans -

Colonial United States Economy -

The History of US Currency -

Economics and Geography lessons for 32 Children's Books

Lesson Plans -

 The Stock Market -

Stock Market Games -

Global Grocery List -

Fedville game -

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