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Earth Science Week - October 9 - 15, 2022
"Earth Science for a Sustainable World"


General Earth Science Sites:
          Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans -

       Earth Science from NASA at Goddard -
         NASA Earth Science -

       For Kids -

Earth Science topics

       Earth Science sites -

Earth Science Links from The Science Spot -

       CyberSleuth Earth Science for Kids -

       Ducksters Earth Science for Kids -

       Earth Science links from Houghton Mifflin

       Earth Science resources from the Exploratorium

       Geology for Kids -
       The Magic School Bus Explores the Earth

        NH Public TV Earth Science Information and Videos 

         North Dakota Volcano site - Volcano World -
         Kids' Door to Volcanoes -
             activities -
             includes folklore -
             volcano models -
         Teachers -

  Volcanoes from COTF -

         Volcanoes - National Geographic -        

         Volcano Webquests



         Annenberg/CPB volcano site


         USGS Volcano pages -  

         Volcano site from Dartmouth - The Electronic Volcano -

         Types of Volcanoes from USGS -

         How Volcanoes Work -

         Michigan Tech Volcanoes Page -

         Volcano Watch from Hawaii Volcano Observatory

         Global Volcanism Project -

         Volcano Cams from Around the World

         Websites about Krakatoa -      


        Earthquake Information Center -

        Earthquakes for Kids -

        Earthquake Info -

        Ask-A-Geologist from USGS -

        Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker - plate tectonics -

        Classroom of the Future - plate tectonics -

        Earthquake Myths and Folklore plus more -

        Earthquake websites from the Franklin Institute -

        Understanding Earthquakes - quiz, globe, famous accounts, animation, and web sites

        Earthquake Data from around the world

        Earthquakes from USGS -

        Earthquakes in New Hampshire - includes fault sketch and Richter table

        Global Seismology and Geomagnetism Group from Great Britain

        ***New Hampshire Seismicity info and map -
           Weston Observatory -

Water and Ice:

Tsunami sites:

USGS Tsunamis and Earthquakes
     Tsunami Basics -

Tsunami! -

USGS Pacific Northwest Tsunamis -
National Geographic Society -


 CNN - 
 Savage Earth from PBS
 Time magazine photoessay -,29307,2092761,00.html

West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
     The Physics of a tsunami

CBC News
 BBC pages

 Australian government

 National Weather Service

Tsunami Lesson Plans:
Discovery School -

New York Times Lesson Plans -
        National Geographic Society -
        Tsunami simulation -

        Brain POP -
        Community Learning Network -

        Science Netlinks - Know What to Do -
                          Science of a Tsunami -

Glaciers and Snow sites:

      Search for Ice and Snow - Segway - Alan Gould

      Ice Sheets and Glaciers -
      Pictures of Glaciers -    
      Glaciers from UVM
      Cryosphere from Rice University -
      Glaciers - study activity sheets by Marilyn Nichols from Arizona
      Glaciers and Glaciation vocabulary -
      Glacier - National Snow and Ice Data Center including the Life of a Glacier
      Mrs. Mitchell's Class Page on Glaciers
      Web page about snow and snowflakes - with science and reading links

Rocks and Minerals:

 Rocks for kids -


      Rocks from the BBC -

      Mineral Matters

      Rocks and Minerals from Mineralology 4 Kids -
      RockHounding -
             Basics -

Ducksters -

      Minerals, Crystals, and Gems from the Smithsonian

      Mrs. Mitchell's Rocks and Geology -
      Lesson plans -


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