Creating a City in the Classroom

city with buildings and towers

1. Brainstorm what things make up a city or town. Develop a list.
    Organize your list into categories and post on the wall in the classroom.

2. Draw pictures of different kinds of buildings. Compare design and purpose. 
    What materials are used for the buildings? What kinds of roofs can you locate?
    How many "stories" tall are these buildings?
    This might be a good time for a walking tour of where you live to get some ideas.

3. What kinds of things do you want in your city? City Hall? Library? Sports arena?
    Make lists and preliminary sketches.

4. Plan your city. Where will you put everything? What streets will you have? Names?
    Draw a map on graph paper. Organization will be important.

5. Use graph paper to make model buildings "to scale". What does that mean? Find out.
    Then create different buildings using your model and poster board, cardboard, or a
    material that you select.
    Do you want to color or paint your buildings?
    Study windows and doors. Learn about their shapes, dimensions, and usage.

6. Arrange the buildings according to your graph paper city map.

7. What rules/laws will your city have? Write them for all to see.

8. Develop a government for your city. Will it be a city council or town selectperson style? Other?
    How about regular meetings to discuss city issues. What rules will govern these meetings?
    What about taxes or not? How will people earn money? What will your money look like?

9. What will you call your city?

10. What flag will your city have? Research flag styles. Design a flag. Material? Create a flag for your city.

11. What kinds of businesses will your city have? Advertisements can be developed and posted.

12. Create a newspaper for your city. Maybe some of the businesses will buy advertising.
      How about a radio or television station for the city?

13. What road signs can be found in your city? Make models with toothpicks and paper
      or develop your own models.

14. Do you want to create a statue(s) or special monument for your city?

15. How about parks and green spaces? Where will they be located?

16. What forms of transportation can be found in your city?

17. What about trash removal and recycling? Energy for the city?


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