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GLOBE at Night

Eight (Nine) Planets for Kids - - News - Sky This Week -

Astronomy Activities from Astronomical Society of the Pacific -

Astronomy sites from the American Library Association -
Astronomy With a Stick - Daytime Astronomy -
Build a Solar System Online at the Exploratorium

The CERES Project from Montana and Spacequests for the classroom

Comet Lesson Plan from Amazing Space -

Comparing Earth and Mars - Marcella Dawson -

Astronomy from The Time Now -
Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground from Harvard -


Griffith Observatory -

HAO (High Altitude Observatory) Education pages -

Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Deep Sky Atlas and mythology -
Kids Astronomy -

Kids' Space -

Constellations -

Myths about the Universe -

Mars Exploration Program -

Meteors -

NASA on the Commons - library of photos  -

Our Solar System -

Planets of the Solar System -

SOHO Exploring the Sun -
      SOHO for the Classroom -

Solar System Activities - Level 1 -
Solar System Activities - Level 2 -

Solar System Simulator from Jet Propulsion Lab -
Solar System Tutor - read and answer the questions -
Space Weather Center from Space Science -

Classroom Activities from University of Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium -

Sunrise/sunset times plus moon phases
    Sunrise and sunset around the world -

Resources from the Exploratorium -

Views of the Solar System - 

Welcome to the Planets data -

What's In the Sky This Week? - from Sky and Telescope -

Windows to the Universe - weather, missions, poetry, myths, history, geology etc. -
Zoom Astronomy -   

Moon  The Moon

About the Moon -

 Lunar Eclipses -

   *******Moon Phases Project with Oreo Cookies

   *******Moon Finder Project with paper plates

About the moon -

Lunar Hands-On Activities -

Moon Studies - The Earth's Moon -
Worksheet for this site

Backyard Astronomy -

 Moon Phases Animation -

Moonlight Madness - Quiz from StarChild - Moon facts, myths, photos -

Moon Facts and Moon Myths - compare and contrast using the links given

Moon Phases
             Moon Phase Calendar -
             Moon Journaling -


    **Names for Full Moons - explanations from The Old Farmer's Almanac

        Telling Time By the Light of the Moon -

           Earth and Moon Viewer - see where the sun is shining right now

         Lost on the Moon activity from NASA - what would you need?

         Our Nearest Neighbor
           Units and Activities -

          Spaceplace - Fun things for kids to do

Solar Studies from Stanford- lessons and games -

Virtual Tour of the Sun -

Inquiry into the Sun - and
The Sun (Level 1) or The Sun (Level 2)

                  Star Child Scavenger Hunts for each level

Solar Activities from High Altitude Observatory -

    Surfing for Sunbeams Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory

Yohkoh Public Outreach Project

Building A Simple Sundial

Solar Clock -

How Hot Is the Sun?

Solar Flare Theory  

Solar Eclipses -

The Martian Sun-Times - weather on Mars today - comparing Mars and Earth

Kids Astronomy from -  

Hubble site -         

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky

Jet Propulsion Laboratory -
      Classroom Activities -

How to Become an Astronaut

         Stars and Galaxies -
                    Lesson plans - Activities              

The Constellations and Their Stars -    

The Birth of A Star

Stars, Constellations, and Galaxies

Star Gazing from Harcourt Brace

Star Date Online - from Texas - by month with resources and educational links   and

GLOBE at Night 2019 - Citizen observations

 Stars and Galaxies from Absolute Beginners

        Constellation Stuff - Lots of great info - thanks to Pierce who discovered this site

        Galaxy Intro (Easy)
        Galaxy Intro (Harder)

          Galaxies  -

         Classifying Galaxies -

        Hubble's Classification of Galaxies

        Stars and Constellations -

        Constellations -
           (a shade noisy)

         More Astronomy

        Constellation Quizzes:
           * Astronomy from John Fix - Learning Constellations

         * Various quizzes about stars and constellations:

Constellation quiz from North Carolina- 
    Site/BALFOUR SITE 02/balfour_constellation_quiz.htm

         Constellations Activity -

Star Child -

Imagine the Universe from Goddard Space Flight Center

Ask the Space Scientist

Astronomy Picture of the Day

NASA for Kids -

Teachers' Guides to Explain the Seasons
   GLOBE program

Sky and Telescope Magazine -
Astronomy magazine -

Earth and Sky science news -
         Podcasts -

         Space -
         Videos -

Internet Field Trips from Houghton Mifflin

Solar System Lesson Plans
Space Science

Planetarium Activities from Brockton

Teachers' Center for Star Child - includes activities and lessons  

Teachers' Lounge from Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Night Sky Notes from the Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State

Sky Maps -
      Google -
      Sky View Cafe -
      CalSky -
      Satellite observation charts -
      Sky Maps -
      Your Sky - create maps for any date, time , or location

Web Quests and Projects:

                CERES Project:
                    Sky Paths -
                 Learning Planet Sizes -
                    Birthday Moons -
                 MoonQuest - Project Ceres -
                Moonquest -
                    Planet Paths -
                    First Manned Mission to Mars -
                    How Much Would You Weigh on Distant Planets?
                 Digital Images: From Satellite to the Internet
                        Who Can Live Here: Life in Extreme Environments
                    Mars Quest - webquest
                    Mars Web Quests

                 Planets web activity from San Diego

                Classifying the Planets Webquest -

                Come to My Planet -

                Exploring the Solar System -

             Lunar Lollipops (Moon Phases) -

                Mission to Explore the Solar System

Moon Watching Activities -

Our Sun-Sational Star

Searching for Just the Right Planet

Sizing Up the Universe - size and distance

Space Colony Webquest -


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